Our Story

"We serve the most delicious and well prepared meats and
side dishes around."

Sometimes, life just throws you a curveball… and we hit this one out of the park!

The idea to get this “BBQ thing” off the ground literally came out of nowhere. Unexpected and sudden changes in our work environment encouraged us to take a journey into the unknown and share our enjoyment of cooking our favorite foods with others. Being the true “Southern boys” that we are, we naturally have a passion for great cooking!

The starting point for us was sharing our food with family and friends, as to gain feedback and constructive criticism, so that we might eventually share our cooking with everyone. It is a well known fact that “practice makes perfect”, and we certainly logged many tedious hours experimenting and tweaking our products for the ultimate satisfaction

We decided it would be a good idea to assess our skills by entering a few BBQ competitions. Wouldn’t you know, at that first competition… we got kicked in the teeth! Weathering several other competitions, while we did not earn any specific rewards worth bragging about, we were able to gain the recognition we had been hoping for. With this recognition came the opportunity to put our product to the ultimate test… YOU!

This has been our most rewarding move to date. We now are able to share our pulled pork, brisket, chicken, ribs and other delicious foods without any reservations. We promise that you will be satisfied.

Our ultimate goal is to one day open a restaurant. Taking a slightly different approach, we have decided to get things moving first by trying to grow our business. Instead of initially opening a restaurant, we opted for a customized 30 foot mobile kitchen so that we were able to ease slowly into this venture with catering, events, and festivals. After all, our clientele is our most valuable asset!

The mobile kitchen has been most beneficial for a couple of reasons: One, to offer catering in a professional manner with increased mobility. Second, we prefer the versatility of being able to participate in upcoming events and competitions. Mobility allows us to share our tasty products with as many people as possible.

We believe in bringing you the best we have to offer. Our services will provide the most delicious and well prepared meats and side dishes around. You have to try it to believe it! If you are looking for some great food, please come by and see us, or just give us a call.

It would be a pleasure to serve you!

Owners and Operators

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